Shidduch Crisis Solved

1 Tishri 0001
Gan Eden – So you think your having problems finding your beshert, Adam HaRishon, the first man, androgynous and unique in all of creation, what about him.[1] Now this is a real shidduch crisis. Rabbi Yossi ben Halafta said that making a match is as difficult as splitting the Reed Sea and this is in a world full of potential mates.[2] “It is not good for man to be alone”.[3]

G-d brought all the birds and animals before man to name them.[4] In Hebrew a name is not just an arbitrary identifier but relates to the object essence. By allowing Adam to name them he would see they were not for him.[5] “But as for man, he did not find a helper corresponding to him”.[6]

“I will make a helper corresponding to him”.[3] Adam had a tail like the lower animals, out of consideration for him G-d removed it[7] and formed woman.[8] “And He filled in flesh in its place”.[9] There was no scare left both were perfect. The woman had long hair and wings. Her name was Lilith[10] suggesting night as she would be to Adam as the Moon is to the Sun.[11]

R’Yose ask Elijah, “In what way a women is a helpmate to man”. He answered, “When a man brings home wheat does he chew wheat kernels raw? Or when he brings home flax does he wear unprocessed flax? Does it not then emerge that she illuminates his eyes, and puts him on his feet.”[5]

Man would shine like the sun, he would provide. Woman would reflect the light like the moon, she would take what man provided and use it to maintain their home.[11]

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Adam Says No To Aliyah

1 Tishri 0001
Heaven - The soul of an unborn child is taught the whole Torah while still in the womb.[1] In a similar fashion Adam was taught the complete Torah, before his soul was blown in his nostrils, “And He blew into his nostrils the soul of life”.[2] Why the nose, his mouth would speak slander, his eyes would blink for evil purposes, and his ears would hear blasphemies. The nose is the most important feature of the face, there can be no legal identification without the nose.[3]

Adam saw the holiness of Gan Eden and realized that it would require a superior level of service. A crime committed in the king’s palace is graver then one committed anywhere else. Only after much persuasion did he let himself be place in Gan Eden.[4]

Today Eretz Yisrael is the holiest of lands. Those living there should maintain themselves in the highest level of holiness, “My eyes are upon the faithful of the land”.[5] However if they do not, “I will cut down all the wicked of the land, to excise all evildoers from the city of the Lord”.[6]

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Man To Be Created in G-d’s Image

1 Tishri 0001
Gan Eden – Unlike the rest of creation man will be created in G-d’s image,[1] righteous and upright.[2] He will be born already circumcisized[3] as a sign of his righteousness and perfection. He will have the appearance of a twenty-year old.[4]

He will be both a material and spiritual being.[5] He will be formed (רצײו) from the dust from the ground.[6] The defective spelling of formed, the two yuds (י), eludes to his dual nature. He will grow, flourish, decay, and die like other animal but will also walk upright and have the power of speech and thought like spiritual creatures.[4] He will reach from the earth to the heavens,[3] “since that day that G-d created man upon the earth and to the end of the heavens”.[7]

He will be called Adam (אדם). Alef for afer, dust, 1. Dalet for dam, blood, 4. Mem for marah, gall, 40. Forty Five gematria for the name of G-d the is not pronounced (י-ה-ו-ה), “the secret forming of the divine name Adam”.[8]

The earth use to for his head will come from the holiest of places, Har Hamoria.[3] The highest and most important part of his body will come from the highest and most important land,[9] and most suited for the acquisition of wisdom.[10]

His torso will be from earth taken from Bavel (Babylonia), also a land conductive to wisdom. The lowest lying of lands. The earth for his buttocks will come from Akra d’Agma an extremely low-lying area of Bavel.[3]

His dual nature is also reflected in that he will be created androgynously,[5] “male and female He created them”.[1] From man (איש) comes the yud. A point, the single sperm that he gives the female. From women (יאשה) comes the hay the female identifier, the letter used in Hebrew to indicate the gender of a word as female. Yud hey (י-ה) a name of G-d,[5] “In Our Image, after Our likeness”.[8]

Man will be the pinnacle of G-d’s creation. He will be uniquely endowed will free will. Only he will have the ability to willing accept G-d’s rule crowning Him as his king. A benevolent king and a loving subject living in paradise, what could go wrong?

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G-d Convene Conference on the Creation of Man

1 Tishrei 0001
Heavenly Throne - G-d convened a conference of Angles to consider the creation of man. Truth requested that G-d reframe from creating man as he would be full of lies. The Angel of Peace also opposed it, because he would be quarrelsome. However the Angel of Kindness favored the creation of man, because he would be affectionate and loving. The Angel of Righteousness also favored it, because he would practice justice. God cast the Angle of Truth down to the Earth to invalidate his protest.[1]

The Angles asked, “What is man, that that You are mindful of him”.

G-d replied, “The fowl of the air and the fish of the sea, what were they created for”?

The Angles replied, “Do what is pleasing in your eyes”.

“Kindness and truth have met; righteousness and peace have kissed. Truth will sprout/rise from the earth.”[2]

G-d summoned another group of Angles and presented them with the same question. They asked, “What is man, that that You are mindful of him”. God stretched out His little finger, and all were consumed by fire.[3]

G-d summoned a third group of Angles and also asked their opinion. Seeing the fate of the previous group they answered, “Create him according to your will”.

“And G-d said, Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likness”.[4] “Let Us”, to give credit to the Angles that He consulted. Despite Moshe’s objection that some would deduce that there was more then one god.[1]

“Do I eat the flesh of bulls, or drink the blood of goats”?[5] G-d does not need our sacrifices. It is not the mitzvoth themselves but our acceptance of them that G-d desires. He needs us to choose to accept his rule. Only in this way can He be a benevolent king. If His rule was imposed He would be only a dictator. It is for this purpose that man was created with free will, in G-d’s image.

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Lions and Tigers and Behemoths Oh My!

1 Tishrei 0001
The Earth - On this day all of the land animals were brought forth from the earth. Including the Behemoth of a Thousand Hills.[1][2] So called because due to its immense size it would graze daily on a thousand lush hill and strip them bare.[3] Some modern commentators say that the Behemoth, Leviathan, and the Ziz (a giant bird from Jewish folklore) are dinosaurs. Other say the Behemoth was more like a water buffalo.

Like the Leviathan[4] G-d prevented it from reproducing and will server it to the righteous in the World to Come.[1] As it is described as eating grass like cattle[5] it most likely chews it cud, a sign of a kosher animal.

Why do the stories of creation spend so much time on what the righteous will eat in the World to Come? Just as one prepares and gets every thing setup for a special guest, G-d has not only prepared this world for man but also the World to Come. We should probably be good guest and say thank you.

In this world our service may be long but it is good to know that G-d is making a nice kiddush for when we are done.

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Pork Kosher! Holy Chazer Batman!

Letter to the Editor: RE G-d To Server The Righteous Treif ???

Maybe the Leviathan will grow scales in the World to Come? The Ohr HaChaim (HaKadosh Leviticus 11:7) writes that in the World to Come the pig will chew its cud, and therefore the prohibition of eating Chazer will not apply

Gruven Reuven


The pig, an animal that is happiest wallowing in its own waste, is seen even in the goyish world as the poster boy of dirt and filth. Pork is not kosher but still contains a spark of holiness, as do all created beings. In fact it is said that the top of the wall falls the furthest.[1]

The Holy spark in port is tightly bound to the Kelipot (shell), Other Side, evil, such that we are unable to release it. Therefore we say it is forbidden, assur which can be literately translated as bound.[2]

However the Holy spark in chicken is not as tightly bound to the Kelipot. So when we properly slaughtered, prepared, and eat chicken all in accordance with the Torah we can elevate the Holy spark it contains. Therefore we say it is permitted, mutur which can be literately translated as released.[3]

In the Time to Come G-d will remove all evil. He will free those sparks that we can not. All will be permitted, mutur, “the pig will chew its cud”.

All was permitted to Adam except the Tree of Knowledge. It would have also been permitted if he had waited until Shabbas. He did not wait and because of this the Holy sparks fell further and fragmented.[1] Now much is not permitted and will not be until the Eternal Shabbas, the Time to Come. Let’s not let the snake fool us again.

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G-d To Server The Righteous Treif ???

29 Elul 0000
The Seas - On this day G-d created fish, birds, and the great sea giants,[1] the Leviathan. As with all creatures He created the Leviathan male and female. The female he killed so they would not mate and their offspring destroy the word. He salted the female to feed to righteous in the World to Come.[2] While many of the larger sea creatures have fins most do not have scales, the two sign of a kosher fish. Is Leviathan kosher? Is the reward for the righteous a bit of old salty fish?

Rabbi Elazar said, “These are the Leviathan and his mate. These are the seventy princes appointed over the seventy nations, all created to rule over the earth.”[3] To rule over the nations, G-d Himself rules over Israel.

“There ships travel, there is the Leviathan that you frolic therein. They all look expectantly to You to give them there food at the proper time.”[4] The nation serve a purpose and G-d provides for them but in the Time to Come, “Hashem will bring punishment with His hash, great, mighty sword, upon the Leviathan”,[5] upon the nations.

So what is on the menu for the righteous in the Time to Come? “Then He would feed them with the fat of wheat and I would sate you with honey from a rock.”[6]

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Middle Management Positions Filled

29 Elul 0000
The Heavens - G-d staffing of Heaven (creation of Angles) went so well that this day He created higher permanent Angles. “And let the birds fly upon the earth[1] messengers from above”.[2]

These higher Angles are the souls of the stars each with its own name. This is why they could not be created with the others on the second day. “He brings out his host by number, He calls them by name”.[3] “He counts the number of stars and gives a name to each of them”.[4]

An Angle can perform only a single task.[5] As the soul of a single star these Angles may perform many duties in that capacity. Unlike the lower temporary Angles created on the second day that only exist until their task is completed.

Also created this day, the commandment that we be as Angles, doing G-d’s will, through the study of Torah. “Let the waters swarm,[1] Torah. One should engage in her every day”.[6] “For when a person studies Torah he is adorned with a holy soul”.[6] “Those engaged in Torah, called his angles on earth”.[6]

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G-d Sins ???

28 Elul 0000
The Heavens- This incident goes straight to the top. Man’s alibi is still air tight he still has not been created, see previous article.

“G-d made the two great luminaries”.[1] Initially they were both the same size, but the Moon said, “Is it possible for two kings utilize the same crown”.[2] So G-d told the Moon to diminish herself. The Moon protested. So G-d told her to rule by day and night. The Moon replied, “what use is a candle in the daytime”.[2] G-d told her that the calendar would be based on her (and the Sun), that the righteous would be called by her name (Jacob the Small[3], Shmuel the Small). The Moon was not satisfied so G-d instructed Israel to bring a goat as a chatas (sin offering) as an atonement for Him each Rosh Chodesh (New Moon and beginning of the month).[2]

The creation of the Sun and Moon includes the creation of the concept of receiver and provider. The Moon does not have its own light it reflects the light of the Sun. The righteous are called by the Moon’s name,[2] as she exemplifies righteousness. She takes so she can give. She gives not only by reflecting the light of the Sun but by giving the Sun the opportunity to give to her. The Sun receives the ability to give from the Moon. One can not only give or only take.

This is also the concept of female and male. A man rules by day. During day he works to provide for his household. A woman rules by night. She takes her husbands earnings and uses them to maintain their home. “She rises when it is still night; she gives food to her household and an allotted share to her maidens.”[4] “She supervises the ways of her household and does not eat bread of idleness”.[5] While she primarily rules by night she also rules by day. “She makes a cloak and sells it, and she delivers a belt to the peddler.”[6] She not only provides for her household but gives her husband the opportunity to provide for her. He receives the ability to give from her. “Her husband relies on her, and he will lack no gain”.[7]

Israel is also likened to the Moon. We receive blessings from G-d. When we are righteous we use our resource to do mitzvahs to create a dwelling place for G-d in the lower worlds.[8] Allowing G-d to be benevolent, thereby fulfilling the purpose of creation.

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Original Sin, Not What You Think

27 Elul 0000
The Earth - Despite popular belief man did not commit the first sin. Given his record he would be a good suspect but he has an air tight alibi. He had not yet been created.

G-d said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, herbage yielding seed, fruit trees yielding fruit each after it’s own kind”.[1] The trees brought forth fruit but their wood was inedible, not of the same kind. The Earth reasoned that if the bark tasted like the fruit then people would uproot the trees. This reasoning was incorrect, not based on Torah. Because of this many of the trees lost their fruit and the Earth would latter be cursed.[2]

By way of a kal vachomer (one of the 13 methods of expounding the Torah) the various herbage reasoned that if the trees that normally grow apart were specificity instructed to grow each after it’s own kind, each spices separately, that this should also applied to them.[3] They were correct these are the laws of kilayim,[4] “you shall not plant your fields with mixed seed”.[5] The vegetation and herbage did not fully grow until the sixth day when man prayed for them and it rained. “Blessed is He, desires the prayers of the righteous”.[6]

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Surfs Up

27 Elul 0000
The Earth - G-d created the sand and surf, but not just for the surfer dudes and beach bunnies. He gathered the water to one place,[1] allowing the hills and mountains to emerge. The water threatened to over run the land. So G-d placed a boundary of sand around it and commanded that it not to cross.

“Will you not fear Me? says the L-d, or, do you not quake from before Me, for I made sand a boundary for the sea, an everlasting ordinance, which it cannot pass, and [its waves] toss themselves, yet they cannot prevail; and its waves roar, but they do not pass it.”[2]

The conflict between the land and the water was mediated by the sand. This is the creation of the mediating force Tiferet, Beauty.[3] Now both the attributes of mercy and justice will be able to function in the world. Now it is good.[4]

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Help Wanted, Not Good

26 Elul 0000
Shamayim (Heaven) - From fire and water (Fire - aiSh - Justice, Water - Mayim - Mercy)[1] G-d creates Shamayim (Heaven) and staffs it, see Classified Ad below, with Angles all singing his praise, but it is not good. Yes, it is hard to find good help but this is more then just a labor dispute.

“Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters and let it separate between water and water”.[2] “Here conflict was created thought the left side. For until here was the mystery of the right.”[3]

The world was created through the attribute of mercy, the right side. The formation of the universe, the ordering of chaos, is from the left side that of strict justice. Therefore a conflict existed between form and chaos, between justice and mercy. Not good, as the conflict between Korah (left) and Aaron (right) that Moses tried to mediate. The next day when the mediating force Tiferet, Beauty, is created it will be good, as the conflict between Shammai (left) and Hillel (right) that was mediated by a heavenly voice.[3]

Shamayim Sun Times, Classifieds:

WANTED Angles All Grades
Airailim, Malachim, Ofanim, Serafim, Chashmalim

Work in the name of the Holy One as His direct agent to the lower worlds. Work on only a single task[4], as directed by the Holy One, deviating neither to the right or the left. Experience in the operation of the Divine Chariot and singing the L-ds praise required. Apply in sprit. EOE

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Light is Good

25 Elul 0000
The Universe – Last night it was dark and I stubbed my toe. Light is good, but it goes further then that. Darkness is evil, and not just because my toe hurts.

“Darkness is black fire, potent in color.”[1] “Darkness empowers chaos.”[1] “Darkness upon the surface of the deep, and the wind/sprit of G-d hovered upon the surface of the water.”[2]

G-d’s will was to create to form. Chaos, formlessness is therefore contrary to G-d’s will. Water denotes potential form, order. E-lohim (Divine name related to strict justice) brought order to the chaos.

Eventually the universe cooled off enough so that atoms could form. As a result, the formation of atoms lead to the creation of the elements hydrogen and helium. Some regions in this universe were very dense, and they had enough gravity to overcome the expansion and form galaxies and galaxy clusters.[3]

“God knew beforehand that the world would contain both righteous and wicked men, and there is an allusion to this in the story of creation. ‘The earth without form,’ means the wicked, and the words, ‘and there was light,’ refers to the righteous.”[4]

“God called the light Day and the darkness Night. And there was evening and then there was morning, one day.”[5]

There was chaos, formlessness, then there was form.

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G-d Starts Off Creation With a Bang

Afterglow of the big bang25 Elul 0000
The Chalal[1] – It all started very small and very dense and under went an initial inflation that lasted an infinitesimal fraction of a second.[2]

A lamp of darkness flashed within the concealed of the concealed . . .[3]

The universe was still really hot, so hot that ordinary atoms couldn’t even exist. Electrons caused very small packets of light called photons to scatter continuously, light was actually linked, or coupled, to the particles, causing the whole universe to glow.[2]

. . . a cluster of vapor forming in formless thrust in a ring, not white, not black, not red, not green, no color at all. Deep within the spark gushed a flow, splaying colors below . . . a single, concealed, supernal point shone.[3]

This is the stage that scientists like to call the primordial soup because the universe looked like a plasma “soup” of protons, electrons, neutrons, neutrinos, photons, etc.[2]

Chaos a colorless formless region, not embraced by the mystery of form..[4]

Stephen Hawking, perhaps the world’s most famous cosmologist and renowned authority on lamps of darkness (black holes), speaking at the Berkeley Physics Oppenheimer Lecture[5] said that he now believes the universe spontaneously popped into existence from nothing. He also said that more work would be needed to prove this.[6]

The Ramban stated that bara (Beraishis bara, In the beginning G-d created) indicates creation ex nihilo, from nothing.

After 5767 years science and religion almost agreeing. As Hawking said more work is still needed.

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G-d Creates Torah, Letters Vie For Position

2000 Years Before Creation
Thrown of Glory - In a scene reminiscent of an episode of Sesame Street all the letters appeared before the Holy One to state their case why they should be the first letter in the Torah. Many had merit, but all were rejected except for Bet. The first letter of Blessed. Aleph did not appear. When asked to explain she replied, “Master of the world because I saw all the letters leaving your presence fruitlessly. What could I do there? Furthermore, look You have given this enormous gift to the letter Bet, and it is not fitting for the exalted King to take back a gift He has given to his servant and give it to another.”[1]

The Holy One then said, “Aleph, Aleph, although I will create the world with Bet, you will be first of all the letters. Only thought you will I become one. With you all counting begins and every deed in the world. No union is actualized except by Aleph.”[1]

“The Aleph looks like the brain”.[2] “Where is the Holy Palace? We would say that it is in thought and in the Aleph.”[2] The Holy Palace, G-d, is Aleph, first, primary. The physical world, created though Torah, is Bet, second, secondary. Second but not apart, “If not for the Bet on the tail of Aleph the world could not exist”.[3] Both are one.

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